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Mapping Using UAV’s

Using UAV’s to achieve levels of efficiency, accuracy and safety in all site mapping and survey activities.

Airsight Australia provides high quality, versatile aerial land surveys and mapping using cutting edge Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or drones to deliver high value, high detail aerial imaging with turn over and delivery times measured in hours not weeks.

With a proven track record of delivering complex projects in record time the survey and mapping capabilities will add to your bottom line by increasing data visibility and reducing delays in getting the right data at the right time. With a mixture of strategic partners we can deliver a complete service from conception to completion.


• Road and Rail corridor mapping
• Vegetation and Environmental Monitoring
• Land Surveys and change detection
• Stockpile calculations
• Design simulation and modelling


• Mining, oil & gas
• Roads & rail infrastructure
• Energy and renewables
• Civil construction and development
• Local councils and government


• High detail survey data for better decision making
• Fast delivery and turn around times
• Low deployment costs compared to traditional aerial survey
• Unparalleled accuracy of data


• Orthorectified imagery up to 2.5cm GSD (resolution)
• Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
• Photorealistic 3D model
• Delivered in all common CAD and GIS formats