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The Leading Edge of Autonomous Drone Technology

HiveUAV combines unmanned aerial vehicles and automated docking stations to help agriculture, industry and emergency services monitor remote locations from the air.

Airsight Australia worked together with Lumina Visual to create this promotional video showcasing the new and exciting technology being developed by HiveUAV.



The Hive protects the UAV and charges its batteries. Providing a secure, mobile housing to enable operation in remote applications and areas. The key features and functions of the Hive include:

  • Rugged design protecting the UAV from adverse weather conditions.
  • Rapid charging of UAV batteries.
  • Transfer of imagery, sensor data and flight information to a central command centre allowing assessment and analysis with changes in mission plans being completed as necessary.
  • Portable so that it can be located anywhere and repositioned with minimum impact on the user.
  • Connected to solar, mains or vehicle power where applicable to enable operation and charging of batteries.
  • Networking of multiple Hives and UAVs enabling broader reach of UAVs, continuous operation and long-range linear routes moving UAVs from Hive to Hive.

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