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Case Study – Bridge Inspections


Level 2 Steel Truss Bridge Inspections Using UAVs


Queensland Rail and GHD


Q2 2016


The client required a detailed level two structural inspections of 13 steel truss bridge between Cairns and Rockhampton in QLD. Bridges ranged from 100m single span up to 700m 8 span bridges.

The client required detailed high resolution imagery of the bridges to enable the contracted engineer to carry out a detailed Level 2 asset inspection.


Airsight engaged the help of Propeller Aero to use their advanced cloud based asset modeling platform to enable Airsight to capture high quality spatially orientated imagery of the assets, create a detailed point cloud and orientate the images to enable an accurate desktop inspection.

The data was captured in the field then using 4G Telstra internet was uploaded into the cloud where the data was immediately geotagged and processed in Propeller Aero for delivery to the engineers. The data was generally made available between 1-2 days of capture.


Within 1 to 2 days of data capture of each bridge Airsight was able to deliver all required data deliverables to the engineers so that they could carry out their respective Level 2 engineering assessments and prepare the reports for the client, without the need for anybody to climb, traverse or access dangerous areas within the rail corridor.


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